Key Tips before you Ride your E-Bike


Fully charge your bike before setting it up - the bike will ship around 40% charged.

Takes around 2 hours to fully charge your bike. Make sure to charge your bike every 3 months if you are not using it (ex: storing it in the garage).


Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone!


You must be logged into the app and connected to the bike in order to set up your key fob.

See video for details - Link to Video

Sleep Mode

Your bike will go into “sleep mode” if it is not used for 10 minutes (timing can be adjusted). To wake your bike up you will need to ride it or shake it gently before you can re-connect to it.

Bike Settings

Power Limit - choose how much power that you want Eco and Power mode to give you.

Sensor Calibration - decide if you want automatic headlights (turn on when it is dark outside)

Sleep Time - decide when your bike will enter sleep mode.

Key Fob - add a new (or erase your current) Key Fob

Speed Limit - choose between 20mph or 25kmh… 20mph is faster 😼

Pre-Ride Checklist

  • Check your tire pressure (we recommend 70-80psi)
  • Check your brakes
  • Adjust saddle height with a 4mm Allen wrench
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