How does E-Bike get 40 miles of range?

The short answer is science.

The long answer is, thanks to its lightweight (35 lbs compared to most e-bikes 45 lbs+) and 22" wheels, acceleration doesn't require the huge spikes in power you'll need on other e-rides. The pedal-assist system, high-quality torque sensor, and high-quality controller mean there's no wasted power when you don't need it. And, lastly, our development of adaptive power modes and regenerative braking mean the bike sips from the battery as needed, and recharges itself when it can.

The result of all that engineering elbow-grease is an e-bike that can roll for 40 miles in eco-mode and 20+ miles in power-mode. Or, ride in smart-mode and let the bike crunch the numbers for you to maximize both battery life and power when you need it (climbs, starting from a stop, etc...). This bike's got a big brain for a reason.

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