How is pedal assist adjusted and can you describe the experience of the "levels" of pedal assist as it relates to battery life, range, and the feel of the ride (e.g. going up a hill, pedaling from a stop position, etc)?

As you pedal, the motor senses the force you're applying (thanks to the torque-sensor in the bottom bracket) and supplements your effort by powering the rear wheel. The amount of electric backup the motor provides will depend on your power mode (bike, eco, smart, or power).

In terms of battery use vs. power, the more support you use, the more battery you'll use too. That adjustment is made by selecting the power mode that's right for your ride.

Power mode: 
Feels like: "Push the pedals and just fly!" 
Range: We tested a bit over 20 miles

Eco Mode: 
Feels like: "Wow, I don't remember my commute being this easy, I should ride every day!" 
Range: We tested a bit over 40 miles

Smart Mode: 
Feels like: "Every time I think it's going to get hard, it gets easier. This is amazing!" 
Range: Between 20-40 miles, really depends on conditions because smart mode gives you more help up hills, starting from stops, etc.. Big help when you need it, light help when you don't.

Bike Mode: 
Feels like: "Just like riding a bike." 
Range: As far as your legs will take you

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