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Can I run a tubeless setup on the Adventure ALUpdated a month ago

1. Are the rims and tires on the Adventure AL designed for tubed or tubeless setups?

Yes, the rims and tires on the Adventure AL are designed to work with both tubed and tubeless setups. However, the Adventure AL complete bike does not come stock with tubeless-compatible tape and valves. It is up to the retailer or consumer to select compatible tubeless tape and valves to achieve the best results.

2. What is the inner width of the Adventure AL rim?

The Adventure AL rim has a 25mm inner width.

3. What tubeless tape width should I use for the Adventure AL rim?

It is recommended to add 4-5mm to the inner width of the rim when selecting the tape. Here are some tape recommendations:

    •    DT Tubeless Ready Tape, 29mm / 10m roll (10m roll is enough for 5 wheels)

    •    WTB TCS Tape, 30mm / 11m roll (11m roll / Enough for 5 wheels)

4. What tubeless valve lengths are recommended for the Adventure AL rim?

Here are some valve recommendations:

    •    WTB TCS Tubeless Valves, 46mm (Sold in pairs)

    •    Origin8 Tubeless Alloy Presta Valves, 44mm (Sold individually)

5. How much sealant do I need for setting up tubeless tires?

For tires in the range of 700 x 40-50c, 8 ounces of sealant is typically enough for both tires. Here are some sealant recommendations:

    •    Orange Seal Endurance Sealant w/inj System, 8oz

    •    WTB TCS Tubeless Tire Sealant, 8oz

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