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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rider weight limit for your bikes?

The general rider weight limit for our bikes is 275 lbs with 10 lbs of cargo for a max of 285lbs. Our gravel bikes will have a max rider weight of 250 lbs with 30lbs of cargo for a 330lb total weight limit.

What is the largest tire width compatible with your Original Series Models?

If it is one of our Original Models from size XS - XXL, the largest tires width this model can fit is a 700x32c Road Tire on the stock wheelset. The Original Model is size XXS can fit up to a 650x25c Road Tire.

What if I don't want to ride fixed gear on an Original Series?

We offer wheelsets that have a flip-flop hub design on our Original and Premium Models. (one side can be fixed and the other can be a freewheel) - Link to Video and Blog on how this works.

How do I install a Pure Cycles bicycle rack?

We offer handy install guides for our Adjustable Rear Rack. Urban Rear Rack and Urban Front Rack.

Do you ship to (insert your country here)?

Great question! On purecycles.com, we ship to the continental United States only.

My bike was stolen, do you have my serial number?

If you registered your bike with us, we do! If not, sadly, the answer is no. Since your bike is unique to you, we always recommend you record your serial number when you assemble your bike.If you had your bike assembled by a bike shop, they sometimes

Where are Pure Cycles made?

Our bikes are designed in Los Angeles, Calif. and manufactured in China from parts sourced from all over the world - just like your iPhone 😃

How long will my order take to arrive?

Once your order is placed it should take 1 to 2 business days to ship and another 3 to 4 days for your order to arrive. Seasonal and weather condition factors can affect these estimates.

What pump do I need for my tubes/tires?

Our Original, Coaster and Urban Commuter models will all have Presta valves which will need to be inflated with a presta valve pump or a presta valve adapter that will allow you to use any standard (schrader) pump or inflator. Even the one at the gas

What size bike do I need?

Each bicycle product page will have its own specific sizing chart under the sizing tab. This will allow you to match your height and standover height. Your local bike shop should also be able to size you up for the model you are interested in. We als

Will the brake levers from my original fit on your other handlebar options?

Yes! The 22.2mm brake clamp and 25.4mm stem clamp will fit on the Bullhorn and Drop bars.

How do I activate my warranty?

Warranty is activated with professional assembly. This can be any established bike shop that will be able to give you a receipt listing bicycle build/assembly for bicycle warranty or part install for coverage on parts and accessories. You can check o

What is the spoke size for my bike?

Since our hubs and rims change over time due to components changing and improving it is difficult to give an accurate measurement for your exact bike. Your best option is to take your bike into your local bike shop for them to measure and cut replace

One of my wheels was stolen. Can I purchase a single wheel?

Unfortunately, we only offer brand new wheelsets sold as a complete color matched set.

Where is the Stack and Reach information?

We base the sizing for our models on the frame rather than the stack/reach measurements since reach can be modified easily with a shorter/longer stem.

Is there a place I can test ride a bike?

Absolutely! We have tons of dealers across the country. You can see them on our Dealer Locator. Be sure to contact the dealer beforehand to make sure the bike you want to try is in stock.

I made a mistake on my order! What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can make changes to your order before it ships. You can email us at help@purecycles or give us a ring at 855-255-5011. Unfortunately, once an order is shipped we will not be able to offer free returns or ex

I have a couple dings on the paint of my frame. Do you offer touch up paint?

Since our frame color options change often and are sourced with each production run we are not able to offer matched touch up paint.

Can I get a discount code?

We run sales throughout the year so if you are hunting for a deal you can stay tuned by signing up for email notifications.

My Volta is not charging. How do I get it to start charging again?

It looks like we need to jump-start your Volta in order to get it to charge. I’m guessing that even though your bike has been charging for days that the light on the charger has only shown green. It is important that the light on the charger shows or

How to find and read the serial number on your bicycle

Serial Number Format. Serial Number Location. The serial number on your Pure Cycles bicycle is permanently stamped on the frame. Record Your Serial Number. Recording the serial number of your bicycle is a good idea for several reasons:. 1.  Theft Pre

Can I run a tubeless setup on the Adventure AL

1. Are the rims and tires on the Adventure AL designed for tubed or tubeless setups?. Yes, the rims and tires on the Adventure AL are designed to work with both tubed and tubeless setups. However, the Adventure AL complete bike does not come stock wi

Recycling E-Bike Batteries

Pure Cycles is proud to be a member of the first industry-wide e-bike battery recycling program administered by Call2Recycle—the largest and most reliable battery recycling program in the U.S. PeopleForBikes, a national bicycling advocacy organizatio