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My Volta is not charging. How do I get it to start charging again?Updated a year ago

It looks like we need to jump-start your Volta in order to get it to charge. I’m guessing that even though your bike has been charging for days that the light on the charger has only shown green. It is important that the light on the charger shows orange, which indicates that it is actually taking a charge (and then shows green once it is 100% charged). This jump starting process is necessary when you haven’t used the bike in quite a while and it is then necessary to wake the bike up. The down arrow means that the bike is at 0% battery.To jump start please follow the steps below:

(1) Plug the bike into the charger and the charger into the wall
(2) Lift up the rear wheel and then pedal the pedals forward with your hand until the light on the charger turns from green to orange (this process is easier with 2 people but can still easily be done by 1 person).
(3) It will take anywhere from 5 to 50 rotations to get the light to turn from green to orange (please make sure to use force).
(4) Once the light turns orange please let the bike charge for 2.5 hours (until fully charged - the light will show green).
(5) Ride and enjoy!

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